Third Imperium Fanzine
The Canadian Traveller Magazine, 1986-1988

About the Third Imperium fanzine

One of my treasured Traveller possessions from the 1980s, alongside the Imperium poster and Spinward Marches map, is an original copy of Third Imperium, No. 5.

Third Imperium was a fanzine created and in large part authored by fellow Canadian Mike Jackson, who later contributed articles and artwork to DGP's Travellers' Digest and a handful of GDW products. More than twenty years on, as director, editor, and co-founder of Steam Powered Films, his career has progressed to include work on video games, film and television productions (including two of my personal favorites, Reboot and Aeon Flux) and has garnered Emmy nominations and won several awards.

Eleven issues were published by Mike from the spring of 1986 through the fall of 1988. The fanzine was the first to detail the sector later known as Trojan Reach, and is a favorite of many in the Travellercommunity, including Marc W. Miller

When working on my map site I came to realize the importance of Mike's contributions to the Traveller milieu. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet I was able to easily get in touch with Mike and see if he'd be amenable to letting us dust off our old copies of Third Imperium and make them accessible to the Traveller community once again. He was, and this site is the result.

Third Imperium Fanzine Use & Redistribution

c/o Mike Jackson, December 2nd 2006:

You have my complete permission to post and distribute all issues of Third Imperium and their contents online. I also grant you permission to incorporate any of the contents (like maps and sector data) into related collections of data (such as map collections), online, on CD / DVD, or in print, as long as such items are available for free.

Issue Index

Cover Index

Third Imperium Issue #1 Cover Third Imperium Issue #2 Cover Third Imperium Issue #3 Cover
Third Imperium Issue #4 Cover Third Imperium Issue #5 Cover Third Imperium Issue #6 Cover
Third Imperium Issue #7 Cover Third Imperium Issue #8 Cover Third Imperium Issue #9 Cover
Third Imperium Issue #10 Cover Third Imperium Issue #11 Cover  

Cover images from the Traveller Bibliography [via the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine], except Issue #4 and #5.

Article Index

Article Issue Page
Acrid, Home of the Blotches 6 10
Aslan Trader2 6
Aslan Warships 2 18
Assassins 11 4
Blotch Cruiser BXC-1 6 14
Blotches 6 6
Bounty Hunters 3 4
Campaign Record Sheet 1 18
Computers, Part 1 9 14
Computers, Part 2 10 14
Computers, Part 3 11 17
Customized Starships 7 17
Customized Weapons 10 13
Cyborgs, Part 1 4 16
Cyborgs, Part 2 5 4
Cyborgs, Part 3 6 4
Destroyer Escort 3 6
Dpres Subsector (Trojan Reaches) 7 7
Droid Designs 3 10
Droyne Cruiser 5 6
Evolution: Planetary Effects on Characters 2 4
Feature Adventure: After the Fact 9 10
Feature Adventure: Code of Honor 2 10
Feature Adventure: Delusions of Godhood 4 10
Feature Adventure: Fun with Blotches 6 12
Feature Adventure: Mindburst 8 12
Feature Adventure: Out of the Egg 1 10
Feature Adventure: SS-12b 5 11
Feature Adventure: The Gabriel Project 7 10
Feature Adventure: The Narcissus Cup 3 10
Feature Adventure: Then and Now 11 10
Feature Adventure: Vendetta 10 10
First Year Article Index 5 18
Florian League 8 4
Florian Merchant 8 8
Florian Starships 8 18
Gazulin Subsector (Trojan Reaches) 3 8
Glorious Empire 10 4
Goertel Subsector (Trojan Reach) 10 8
Hiver Embassy Ship 7 5
Imperial Government 8 16
Imperial Navy Uniforms 7 15
Insert: Droyne Coyn set 8 Insert
Insert: Imperial Chronology 6 Insert
Insert: Map of Charted Space 10 Insert
Inside Equipment: Air/Raft 10 17
Inside Equipment: Auto Pistol 9 19
Inside Equipment: Disintegrator 7 19
Inside Equipment: FGMP-14 2 19
Inside Equipment: Gauss Rifle 4 19
Inside Equipment: Grav Belt 3 19
Inside Equipment: Map Box 5 19
Inside Equipment: TL 13+ Collapsible Stateroom 6 17
Inside Equipment: TL 15 Vacc Suit 8 21
JSB: Imperial Ministry of Justice, Special Branch 2 14
MegaTraveller Adaptations 9 17
Menorial Subsector (Trojan Reach) 11 8
Missiles 4 15
New Weapons 3 16
Nora'a Subsector (Trojan Reaches) 9 8
Personalities of the Rebellion 7 3
Pirate Corsair 4 6
Rad Zone: Radiation Effects 1 4
Second Year Article Index 9 18
Sindal Subsector (Trojan Reaches) 1 8
Solomani Cruiser 9 6
Stealth Systems 5 15
Terraforming 1 15
The Borderland Sector (Trojan Reaches) 4 8
Tlaiowaha Subsector (Trojan Reaches) 2 8
Tobia Subsector (Trojan Reaches) 5 8
Traveller Craft 10 6
Traveller Craft 11 19
Traveller: 2300 Review 4 5
Traveller's Advice 1 2
Traveller's Advice 2 19
Traveller's Advice 3 19
Traveller's Advice 4 19
Traveller's Advice 5 19
Traveller's Advice 6 16
Traveller's Advice 7 19
Traveller's Advice 8 21
Traveller's Advice 9 19
Traveller's Advice 11 21
Traveller's Hardware: Blotch Equipment 6 9
Traveller's Hardware: Combat Sentry, Speed Loader 10 5
Traveller's Hardware: Combat Spray Gun, Flamethrower 8 7
Traveller's Hardware: Disguise Kit, Exoskeletons 9 4
Traveller's Hardware: Holosuit, Prefab Starport 7 16
Traveller's Hardware: New Drugs, Radiation Suit 3 5
Traveller's Hardware: Poisons 11 20
Traveller's Hardware: Rocket Pistol, Sound Damper 5 10
Traveller's Hardware: Shields 1 5
Traveller's Hardware: Steel Foam, Camo Cover 2 5
Traveller's Hardware: Voice Modulator, Riot Foam 4 4
Unexplored Space 5 16
Vargr Corsair 1 6
Vilani Word Generation 3 14
Yggdrasil Subsector (Trojan Reaches) 8 10

References: Traveller Bibliography [via the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine]

Menorial (Subsector A) Gazulin (Subsector D) Yggdrasil (Subsector E) Dpres (Subsector F) Sindal (Subsector G) Tobia (Subsector H) Nora'a (Subsector I) Goertel (Subsector J) Tlaiowaha (Subsector K) Borderland (Subsector L) Trojan Reaches SectorTrojan Reach Subsector Index

Subsector B (Egyrn) and C (Pax Rulin) are detailed in Adventure 4: Leviathan. Later publications of maps and data for the Trojan Reach sector (Travellers' Digest #20, MegaTraveller Journal #3, and the Regency Sourcebook) derive from the data initially published in Third Imperium.

Map fetish? Download all of the Trojan Reach subsectors detailed in Third Imperium in one file!

Article Issue Page
Trojan Reach A: Menorial Subsector 11 8
Trojan Reach D: Gazulin Subsector 3 8
Trojan Reach E: Yggdrasil Subsector 8 10
Trojan Reach F: Dpres Subsector 7 8
Trojan Reach G: Sindal Subsector 1 8
Trojan Reach H: Tobia Subsector 5 8
Trojan Reach I: Nora'a Subsector 9 8
Trojan Reach J: Goertel Subsector 10 8
Trojan Reach K: Tlaiowaha Subsector 2 8
Trojan Reach L: Borderland Subsector 4 8

References: Traveller Bibliography, Traveller Sector Information [via the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine]

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